Heya everyone, this is Cerulean. Today is my birthday and I want to give everyone a gift! Sponsus now has audio posts which allow you to upload mp3 and wav audio files for sharing to your sponsors.

An example song made my me. You can find it here!

Everything you see in the picture is customisable. The cover art, background, and title of the song too! Since the post is meant to be resized, you may want to consider other page sizes such as mobile and widescreen when picking your background. You can also just leave it blank and use the cover art which is the default.

This all ties into another new system which is the podcast/audio RSS feed. This allows the public and your sponsors to subscribe to your audio feed and download your songs or podcasts directly into their player of choice!

The padlock means the audio is from a locked post!

If you sponsor a creator, you are given a special feed that nobody else has access too! Please: dont share the link that Sponsus generates, or we will block your access. Thanks! To acess the feed, click the "subscribe" button under the cover art!

Profile cards

This is a feature that allows you to "feature" some topics at the very top of your profile. In my example, you can see that im featuring my latest music as well as the Sponsus discord (which you should totally join by the way <3)

You can have up to 3 cards on your profile

All of the mentioned features are live right now if you wish to give them a go! And remember, Season of Giving is still ongoing so if you wish to give to another creator, they will get significantly more during the month of November, you can read more here!

Thank you to everyone who is using Sponsus! It really means so much for you to be using this platform. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you <3

- Ceru