Sponsus has a small issue: The process for new users joining to sponsor someone is just too complex and long. So we have done a lot of research and have created a new feature that will be coming out soon! This feature will cut the time to sponsorship (TTS) from 2 minutes (with no account) to 30 seconds. Meaning new users who want to sponsor you can sign up, link a payment method and sponsor you in no time at all.

Click here to see an example

To do this, we have removed the sponsorship modal from the profile page and replaced it with a new url. This "flow" of sponsoring a creator is a new all-in-one experience for users which allows them to sign up to Sponsus, add a payment method and then sponsor you in under a minute. We have added extra passive security to Sponsus that will ensure that new users signing up are valid and not spammers or fraudsters.

Included with this update is a new url that you can give to your fans which will point them to the join system. For example: if a user were to go to /u/cerulean/join, they would be greeted by several tiers of sponsorships. From there the user can sign up/login and then sponsor you on the spot. If you want to point your fans to a specific tier, you can do this: /u/cerulean/join/1736611689748631552. This URL will bypass the tier selection screen and go right to the checkout.

Sponsus is always looking for ways to improve the experience so if you have any ideas on what we should add next, feel free to contact our support email: support@sponsus.org