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We found that a lot of artists and musicans didnt like the blog style format that Sponsus was originally based on. This feedback and constant communication with our community has lead us to create Storefront. This all new feature changes the game on how you earn online. Insted of having to redirect potential customers to slow and costly web stores, you can setup your digital storefront right at home and even combine it with your monthly income to give back to your most loyal sponsors!

We have been hard at work over the last few months developing and refining our Storefront feature to be the best it can be. A lot of technology developed for Storefront will be used around the rest of the platform so expect analytics to get a big boost for other types such as profiles or posts.

Free access to high quality analytics


Storefront's pricing is going to be on a per unique customer basis insted of the traditional per product. This lessens the stress and worry creators have with products that do not sell. Our pricing is super competitive with existing platforms such as Gumroad or E-Junkie and you may end up saving half of what you were spending on those platforms while still getting a better service.

Our pricing model also has a scaling factor. For every 100 unique customers you bring in, your per customer price will go down by 2 cents. The lowest this can go is 10 cents. For example, lets say you were on the Diamond tier ($0.20/customer). If you had 500 customers, you would be expected to pay $100. Thanks to the scaling, you only need to pay $50 per month.


Sponsus's Storefront is giving you, the creator, the tools to setup and run your own digital storefront without any extra effort from you. Combine your monthly sponsorships with bonus digital rewards by offering store credit each month. Your sponsors can then buy anything on your store (provided they pass other checks controlled by you) with these credits. Boost your monthly income by giving your sponsors extra rewards each month, that they choose!