DonateBox is a new service building off the old donations system to bring more control to the creator. With this goal in mind, we have added many, many more features to the donations system on Sponsus. With this new update, we have completely overhauled the donations page to allow users to sign up, add a card, and donate within the same page. This reduces the time to donation by a factor of 3, from 2 minutes and 5 pages to 30 seconds with 1 page.

Everything on the page is customised to the creator, even the logo!

Another feature is the ability to now set up "Thank you pages". This page is shown to your fans once they have finished donating so that you can give them a personal, dedicated thank you! Inside these pages, you can have optional "stamps" that allow you to mark fields to be filled in later. For example: "<username>" will be replaced by the donors username.

To give creators even more control, we have also given creators the option to choose the branding image and theme for social media. This allows you to pick the image that looks best for you:

Along with all of the above, we have also added redirect capability to donations so you can redirect a user back to your own website if you so choose. We also offer a JSON Web Token with the redirect to describe who just donated and for how much but this is togglable.

If you have any ideas for the future of Sponsus, click here to join our Discord server!

Thank you very much for using this service, have an amazing day,

- Cerulean, developer/owner of Sponsus