Just a quick feature update to let you lot know that we have a new feature available to everyone called secret keys. These keys allow access to locked posts regardless of if they are logged in or if they have paid, a key to view the post no matter what. These keys can be customised to have limits such as uses and an expiry date and delete themselves once these limits have been reached.

What you do with this feature is up to you but a few ideas would be if you had some people still on Patreon or Subscribestar, you can share your Sponsus content to them without them having to repay for the content. Another use-case would be if you had an exclusive mailing list, you could give a link to view a post without them needing to have an account.

To get started, you must first create a post with a paywall attached, you wont see the button if you don't make a paid post. Once you have opened the menu, you can create new keys via the button labelled "Add new keys". The form is pretty self-explanatory from there on out.

Example of the secret keys menu

As soon as one of the limits is reached, the key is deleted. In the example above, if the key hits 10 uses before the expire after time, then the key will be disabled. Also, embedding the URL in a platform like Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc... will use up one use so be careful.

Thank you to everyone who is using the site, you lot are wonderful! <3
- Cerulean