First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone using Sponsus. You guys are seriously amazing for helping out. I would not be able to do my dream job were it not for you bunch. Thank you.

This is a really long post but I promise every part of it is worthwhile!


The biggest change is you can now buy gift codes for a creator's rewards. The idea is simple: you buy someone a sponsorship for a creator. They get the rewards as if they were sponsoring them directly and the creator gets paid. You pay for the giftee's sponsorship every month until you revoke the gift or it expires.

An example gift code!

To buy a gift code, you must click the "Giftable tier" text under the "Join" button on any tier that supports gifting. You will then be taken to the checkout where you can choose how long the code is valid for. Once you pay, you get given a code to share with anyone (even if they are already sponsoring the creator)!

The creator has the power to make as much codes as they wish however it will not count towards their monthly income since it does not carry any actual value.

Get out there and share the love!

All new manage sponsors page

We have completely overhauled the sponsors page. You can now see any sponsor's payment history including donations as well as mass message by selecting them and clicking the button on the bottom bar. You also get told if the sponsor is an active viewer of your content!


You can now view indepth, privacy first analytics for your profile under the new tab in the dashboard. This allows you to gather information about how well you are doing without directly spying on everyone's actions. We wanted to build our own solution since privacy is one of our core ideals. Using a solution like Google Analytics would mean we are sending everything to Google. Data is stored and processed on our own servers which gives us the power to do some really deep analytics down the road (keep an eye on our twitter for more information).