Our mission since day one has been to give creators a better experience when dealing with getting paid. Allowing you to create freely and without worry. The recent strides with Sponsus have made it the most powerful creator funding platform currently available. We put you in control of your content so you can continue to create and be awesome!

All new ways to lock content

The biggest update to creators is that now Sponsus has much more methods of paywalling content. You can now lock posts to total months paid, specific tiers, minimum given (with or without donations), and if they are sponsor of any level. This is so that you have the ability to better control who has access or not without having to deal with complicated menus.

You can now reward people who have been sponsoring you a long time by limiting some points to a minimum of months sponsored. For example, you can reward your 3 month total sponsors by giving them access to works in progress before people who just sponsored you. You can change how the post is locked at any time.


Another major update is the opening up of the API. You can now directly harness the power of Sponsus without you even needing to be on the site! With a quick couple of lines, you can integrate Sponsus into any publishing pipeline.

With the API being public, we have also given you the tools to quickly develop integrations. We have a fully featured dashboard with tells you whats going on with your integration. We have also writen a couple of guides on our new knowledge base on how to use the API effectively.

The potential for the API is infinite. In the future, we are hoping that this will jumpstart a community of developers creating amazing tools or apps using Sponsus's payment system.

Go out there and create!

Sponsus exists solely because of you. If you have an idea, please feel free to request it via our feature tracker here, mentioning our offical Twitter @Sponsus_, or by talking to our team on Discord.

Thank you <3