In our latest update, Sponsus now has the ability to import all of your content from Patreon. This includes your profile, avatar, background, tiers, and now posts! Join Sponsus today and import your content for free!

To import your content, you can sign up for Sponsus using your existing Patreon account. Once you have completed the sign up, you will be redirected to the post importer in the dashboard. From here you can import all of your content from your account into Sponsus. This does require your session ID which is used to get all posts regardless of price. Once you have provided the ID, you will then be given a button to import and boom! All of your previously Patreon exclusives are now archived on Sponsus, a one-click save to ensure you don't loose years of work.

Please note that attachments to posts cannot be saved due to them being upwards of 200MB in size each and Sponsus cannot afford to save these files as of yet. We are not as big as Patreon, yet.

Posts with images, which include image posts and posts with images in the content, will have their images be saved to our CDN for safe keeping. Files saved during the import process do not count towards your CDN cap. This is because Patreon's files are temporary and there is no way to generate a permanent url.

The limitations are that there are some posts that Sponsus does not support as of yet. However, as soon as Sponsus supports these posts, the importer will allow them to be imported.